The Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative (MASBI) brings together representatives from across the biofuels value chain to address ways to best leverage regional assets to:

  • become a national leader in the emerging aviation biofuels market;
  • position the Midwest to achieve economic development and job growth;
  • diversify current jet fuel supply in the region and for the nation;
  • promote U.S. energy security; and
  • reduce environmental impact

Through collaboration across public-private entities, MASBI will help achieve the potential economic, environmental, and energy security benefits that can be delivered from a robust advanced biofuels industry.

The Midwest is a hub of vibrant financial, academic, and agricultural communities, enabling the region to lead in clean energy development.

The aviation industry connects a world of people, services, and goods through the heartland of the country, providing jobs and contributing significantly to the regional and national economy. For aviation, advanced biofuels are important in the long-term to achieve fuel supply diversification and fuel price stability, while mitigating the environmental impacts. The development of advanced biofuels enables future, sustainable growth for the industry and region.

MASBI will define an actionable roadmap for the development of sustainable advanced biofuels in the Midwest region through the evaluation of Midwest feedstock options, advanced biofuel technologies, commercialization requirements and opportunities for acceleration, logistics and infrastructure needs, and regional policy measures focused on economic development, job creation, and market acceleration.